By S_B_n_2cats

The Broad, view from the inside


Went to the see the permanent collection at The Broad and really enjoyed it. There are very interesting pieces that I would not have guessed I liked. Thanks Aleks for getting tickets! Some days ago when I shared the photo of the facade, I didn't know this was a museum. The building is very impressive. We had the opportunity to hear the story behind the design; the architects studied how the sunlight fell on the area for a whole year and used this information for the design of the ceiling which allows them to modulate the light on the exhibition area. 

The photo is of the view from one of the north-east corner windows that overlooks the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

After the museum, we walked to the Last Book Shop and spend some time browsing their offer and the eclectic style of the shop. Then past the market and finally for dinner in Little Tokyo. A wonderful day in downtown LA. 

Happy Saturday!

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