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Scheduled Downtime on Thursday 21st December

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you know that we'll have a brief period of downtime on Thursday evening (UK time), when we'll be doing some quick routine maintenance on the servers Blipfoto runs on.  It's easiest and quickest for us to take them all down, do the work, and bring them back again.

You can expect the site to be off-line from around 11pm GMT on the 21st December, for around half an hour (but we'll possibly be quicker than that). During that time you'll see a page saying the site is unavailable.

If we do happen to have any issues and need to take longer, we'll post updates on Twitter under the @Blipfoto account. Note that you can browse Twitter from a web browser without having a Twitter account.

After that, everything should come back up and run as usual. If you do see any problems after the downtime, please let us know ASAP via the help facility.

Thanks all!

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