Collected all the trophies from the engraver (he didn't have time to get them engraved before the end of year dinner).  
Today, using the light-box, I've been photographing each trophy to record what the trophies look like and who the recipients are and typing up all the names as well.....need to have all this info for the club history.

So while the camera was out, I took a picture of what I received for my efforts this year. 

Below are the awards accumulated throughout the years competitions - the middle is Projected Image Champion the middle is A Grade Champion the middle, the larger one is Photographer of the Year, and the one I'm most proud of.
......the black certificates are to accompany the trophies.

End of Year Salon Competition below - both print & projected
...Salon Overall Champion Print, (left)
...Salon Overall Champion Projected (high)
.  Salon Gold Certificates for Print Salon - Open, PJ, Nature
...Salon Silver Certificate for Print Salon - Monochrome
...Salon Gold Certificates for Projected - Open, Portrait, Nature,Landscape.
...Salon Silver Certificate for Projected - PJ

Crap photo with all the reflections on the framed trophies.

Lots of the images have been blips.......Yes, I am chuffed :)


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