Down by the Ashley.....

Enjoyed starting the day with a wander along the beach and finishing up by the Ashley Rakahuri Estuary, my usual haunt.

Just a few terns, godwits, Canada geese, and red banded dotterels, very small numbers perhaps because the tide was in. My bird shots were horrendous!! A very quick delete leaving me with just a couple of landscapes. I couldn't decide so I've included an extra.

Amazing clouds on the above and liked the silvery sand ripples and light sea mist on the extra, so different and yet both appealing in my eyes.

Thoroughly enjoyed having blipper mpp26 with me, chatting as we strolled and then finishing up with a cuppa and muffin at Brick Mill Cafe. Thanks M I had a wonderful time :)

The rest of the afternoon seemed to be about Christmas :)

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