Start them young

Seems to be the way to do it, get them used to sitting on a bike as young as possible and they will love it later on.
Lennon loves the bike, Dhylan is not happy with it at all. He's only been on the bike once and didn't like it.
Hendrix is unsure at the moment but it will grow on him :-)

Had one side of the family around tonight, very entertaining with our neices husband Jamie, Myatt, telling stories of all sorts of description, he really should be on the stage. Runs in the family though, his uncle is town crier of Gloucester but also of other places. Alan Myatt is town crier also to the City of London's world-famous Stables Market and to the Covent Garden Area Trust and the market town of Hitchin. World record holder and one of the UK's best loved themed character actors. for more info on him.

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