Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

More Christmas Cheer

My once a year bread making of Limpa (Swedish rhy) in time for good friends M and T over for a relaxed time for the 4 of us with herring and swedish cheese, salmon mousse, and spannokopita. A little scotch, a little wine. Nice.
And the other big event of the day was to finally put a deposit down on a new car...we’ve only been thinking about it for 2 years... after all our 1998 Volvo is almost 20 years old... we tried not to but ended up deciding on the new Volvo hybrid ( XC 60) which I’m sure will be our last car, once it gets here in the spring, just in time for the grandson’s learn to drive class with the old Volvo. We won’t know what to do with all that new electronic safety stuff!
Thank you for all the lovely kind comments stars and hearts for our anniversary yesterday.... ! Much appreciated...

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