By Viewpoint

Pre-Christmas lunch

A family get together today for lunch at Ponti's in Fox Valley.  It was lovely to be with everyone and I think everyone enjoyed their lunch.  Lou was the one who was a bit under the weather, so we hope she recovers quickly.  From the left my sonJay, Ann, Jimmy, Bobby, Lou and brother, Phil.  Bobby had just been running through the fountain, but fortunately it stopped before I took this photo.

We also managed a successful pre-lunch shop in the market area, where we were able to buy decent cheese, home baked bread and one or two sweeter treats.  At the moment the market is occupying a vacant shop site, but a Boots sign was on display today, so I wonder if they will be re-homed back to their stalls in the car-park once the shop fitting gets underway.

p.s. I had a none photo day yesterday, but for the record it was our afternoon for a haircut, and because Ann was clearly not feeling herself as we left I decided to abandon thoughts of the supermarket in favour of a trip to the Rob Royd farm shop.  Fortunately she seemed to recover when we got outside into fresh air.  Happily she's been fine today, orchestrating part singing in between mains and puds at lunchtime.

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