Soon to be ...

... new houses.  

Out for a walk to avoid the temptation of eating too much,  sadly a white van is parked next to the pharmacy so no chance of a clear view. 

This old Victorian building was a care home but after poor results from the CQC it closed a couple of years ago and is now being redeveloped into housing. Another of the old buildings on the other side of the road is going the same way. 

Local paper article here

Tagged for Derelict December as the building which was in a poor state has deteriorated further in the time between closing and the redevelopment starting.    

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.  I'll be at work in the morning so we're arranging to make breakfast in the kitchen with eggs from my bosses' chickens,  Bread which I'll make later and smoked salmon from our shift leader :-) 

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