ready for the service this evening :)

We made them in children's church 'Chattabox' today!

A brief explanation of the meaning of the Christingles, for those who don't know:

The orange represents the world.
The red ribbon/tape represents the love and blood of Christ
Dried fruits and sweets are symbols of God's creation (some say they represent the four seasons)
When the candle is lit it symbolises Jesus the light of the world, who brings hope to people living in darkness.

Home then back out again for the service in a short while, but feeling rather tired.  I'm helping to give the candles out :)

Off to some friends afterwards!  Apparently we will be playing board games and having fun!  Really hope I don't fall asleep...

Many thanks for putting my Majestic Swan on page 2 of  the popular pages :)

Merry Christmas folks Xxx

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