... model's own!
A day in the life of, erm, a knight!
Woke at 7am, forgot it was Christmas morning.
Played on the iPad for an hour before it started to dawn on me!
Opened pressies, made mummy and daddy play games with me for five hours before heading off to my super duper nana's house. 
There I ripped open more pressies.
Got a bit grumpy, 
Cried a bit
Got told off
Got some chocolate for getting told off
Had a bath, (that soothing bath bomb calmed me down a bit) ;)
Headed off home, singing in the rain wearing nana's pj's, but knickers are defo model's own!
Tomorrow, I get to repeat the fun at my other nana's house. 
I must remember to take spare knickers! 
Happy Christmas, one and all, from the diary of Sir N, xx

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