By Hillyblips

Fly Over

Tracking with the lens on a tripod in the bitter cold of the late afternoon was wonderful as there were four shorties up flying over the field. They had all been sitting in a line on the limestone wall and I was willing them to fly before the sun set. It was going down rapidly, beautifully pink behind me catching the cloud edges as it dropped. 

I knew just knew I had to make the most of the remainder of the day with the snow lying so tantalisingly blanketing the hilltops but only had an hour left to do it. Gunning the car up onto the slippery snowy bank, Tilly watching as she does from the front seat we saw the wings of a shortie catching the last rays of light. So quiet and so very still it flew ghostlike hunting for voles over the snow. Fabulous to watch and obviously even better to photograph!  

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