Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Early on the harbour

Despite the chill of another icy morning, I couldn't resist nipping out after breakfast to take this photo and the extra one of Nehaven lighthouse and the harbour itself. In the main photo, you can make out the unmistakable outline of the Forth Rail bridge, and beyond it the more ghostly pyramids of the new Queesnferry Crossing, while to the north you can just make out the snowy hills of Fife. (You may need to go full screen...)

While you're in full screen mode, you can see the companion photo of Newhaven Harbour as the first sun hits the sea wall. It was a glorious morning, but I was frozen by the time I got back in to pack. We drove home in the middle of the day, over the considerable snow of the M8 route - Harthill was like Narnia - back to the snowy hills of Argyll.

I believe it is to snow tonight ...

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