By YoungerDaughter

Making curtains.

...well altering them anyway. We have a beautiful big half bay window in the front of our lounge, but being so big it takes a lot of curtain and they're not a standard size either. So a little while back I bought some eyelet top curtains I liked, one pair for the French doors and 2 pairs for the front window. I hung the ones at the back weeks ago but needed to adjust the front ones and being picky, I want them to sit perfectly on the windowsill (too long or a smidgen too short will just look wrong) so today I used Henry's nap as an opportunity to do just this. It took almost 2 hours to do just one curtain! But I'm happy with the outcome. Let's hope it isn't too long before I next get an opportunity to adjust the rest!

This morning we walked into town so Theo could get a haircut and we could buy a few bits and pieces. It was a good excuse to stretch our legs again but doesn't seem to have used up any of Theo's spare energy!

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