Flower Friday: Bougainvillea in its summer glory

The bougainvillea is looking spectacular at the moment; it's obviously enjoyed the hot, dry spell over the last six weeks. It only has a short flowering season here, so we have to make the most of it when it's out.
At last, a day on which there wasn't anything urgent that had to be done. Immy and I went into town and met Gill for coffee at Bacco, the other Friday ladies being away and our usual venue being closed for the holidays.  The area at the foot of the Cathedral steps has been closed to traffic for the summer, allowing the cafés and bars to spread out, which is a great idea. There are now more tables, and some sofas and beanbags, as well.  The first two pics in extras are really a continuation of yesterday's blip theme, as they feature the umbrellas that are part of Nelson's Christmas/summer decorations. I think they look great, but some complaining person likened them to 'something from a Medieval jousting match' – which to me is part of their appeal!
In order to get a better view of them (first extra), I took my shoes off and climbed onto a sturdy wooden barstool. As I was getting down, a middle-aged-to-elderly man rushed over to offer assistance, despite the fact that Immy was standing there as a precaution. Gill and Immy were highly amused – "He was clearly hoping to be able to help you!" they said. Then another, hatted chap of a similar age came and sat at the table next to us with his Stephen King novel, and kept smiling at Gill (third extra).  At one point, I noticed that he had surreptitiously pushed up his tee-shirt sleeve on the arm nearest Gill to display his tattoo. Wish I'd got a photo of that….. we could both have left there with hot dates, had we played our cards right!

As we left, we heard a woman at the table next to us talking about the banners/'tea towels' and saying that big strings of lights would have been so much nicer.  "But no – we've got this."  Gill hadn't actually noticed them, and I asked her what she thought of them.  She said she thought they looked like someone's washing hung out to dry!

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