South Stack Lighthouse

Today I went on a geocaching expedition into North Wales with Paul. Our aim was to find some specific old caches originally hidden in 2001 which makes them amongst the oldest in the country. 

Our final stop was a cache on Holyhead Mountain and I have never walked up a hill in such windy weather. It was blowing a gale up there which meant and it was difficult to stay on our feet. The cache we wanted to find was almost at the top and we didn't think we would be able to get it because of the strong guests however as we turned round to go back we realised it was at the base of a pinnacle rather than the top so, as it was partially sheltered, we were able to find it.  

The blip was taken at the bottom of the hill as we returned to the car. Even here it was so windy that I couldn't hold the camera steady and this photo doesn't bear a closer inspection. 

We saw the ferry leaving Holyhead for Ireland and I don't envy the people making that crossing.

My extra was taken earlier in the day with Paul signing the logbook. It was a circular walk and we had also walked beside the fainter waterfall in the middle of the picture and that was a real uphill slog although at least there was no wind. 

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