Home to Roost

We were watching the female collared dove this morning. A week or so back I blipped the empty nest in the quince tree. I'd seen the dove eyeing it up and today she started building a new nest in the conifers. To save scavenging for twigs she decided to use the existing nest, taking stick by stick to her new home.

This afternoon we went to the cinema to see the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. A very good, entertaining film in the now expected format of the franchise with lots of noise, explosions and demonstration of using the Force.

This evening we're off to The Encore, a pub/restaurant on Waterside for our traditional seasonal meal with Chris and Jean.

Late News: I appear to have misplaced my compact on which I took photos of the collared dove. Probably been left in the cinema or the restaurant, I'll pop in and check tomorrow. In the meantime I did take one photo with my phone at the cinema so that is today's blip.

Even Later News: Having retrieved my camera now I have swapped the main photo to that of the dove. I have used the Star Wars poster as my last allocated extra of the year.

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