Reduced Exposure / Nature (EP8)

Yesterday SaraEvans commented that my picture was not overexposed but high-key. She then pointed me to Jim Richardson’s excellent article on overexposure. He writes: “It turns out that overexposing a little looks bad, but overexposing a lot can look quite wonderful. Once large areas of the picture turn white the remaining areas take on an otherworldly softness and glow. You just start cranking down the shutter speed, making lighter and lighter pictures—far lighter than anything you have ever considered possible before. Keep going until you see hardly any detail at all. Then back off some. There is no right or wrong in this technique. There is only the image and how it speaks.”
I love that practical approach, and that was basically what I did to get yesterday’s image. I then fiddled a bit with the “black”-slider in Photoshop’s CC Raw to get stronger colours. No additional editing was done. I overexposed to produce a high-key image.
For this week’s Experimental Photography Challenge just do the opposite of what Richardson recommends for overexposing your pictures: Increase shutter speed, work with low ISO values and play around with aperture. Don’t be afraid of darkness.
The main objective of this week’s challenge is to get off auto-mode and out of your comfort zone.
Today’s blip was shot in our garden around 2 PM. The sun was out. Our Border Collie Penélope was sitting in the shadow and only her nose was sticking out into the sun, helping to intensify the contrast I was looking for.
I don’t know if this shot is underexposed or low-key or something altogether different. This is why I call…
This week's challenge: REDUCED EXPOSURE
Theme: NATURE (flower, trees, animals, etc.)
Tag: EP8
Go for: Artistic impression.

You can publish your contribution(s) on any day(s) until Saturday, January 6th. Don't forget to tag it with EP8.

The next challenge will be published on January 6th (suggestions for techniques/themes are always welcome). Hearts for this challenge will be given out on Monday, January 8th.

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