a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Its been a while...

According to the counter in blip this is my 1095th blip, which is (almost) three years worth.  It would be three years worth but of course 2016 was a leap year.  Still, today is the day that Blip is going to choose to mark so it would be churlish not to celebrate it in some way.

Somehow I have now managed three years worth of entries in a row, without any breaks.  There have been some dodgy emergency blips along the way when illness has struck, but there have been one or two shots that I am quite proud of as well.  

What does seem to have fallen by the wayside, to a large degree of late, is my ability to keep up with comments and other people's journals.  That is a matter of some regret, as I always very much enjoy the social media aspects of the blip community when I get down to it, and many of the photos you take are a source of future inspiration to me.

We have a new year about to start, 2018 is now just around the corner.  So with that in mind, I shall just have to try a little harder in the coming year.  

Blip is not good for those of us that suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  Since starting Blip I have chosen to invest in several new lenses, some flash guns, a tripod, LED lights etc etc. I have also acquired and smashed a little Sony RX100 (oops) and have acquired and kept safe a little Fuji X100.   However, I am still mainly using my Nikon DSLR which has proven itself very reliable and is now nearly 4 years old.  

Sadly although Blip will give me a nice balloon today, I still have another 400 odd entries to do before Blip will give me my next camera.  I am not sure that I am going to wait that long though in real life....  I have had my eye on a nice new Nikon for a few months now and I might just have to do something about it before those 400 entries :-).  I'm in no great rush, but I suspect that the camera shop will definitely get a visit at some stage next year ...

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