2500 Blips blipping amazing !!

Another Blipfoto bookmark so it goes without saying I'm addicted to Blip.
We have a Blip team that do an amazing job of keeping it all ticking over even when there's a small hiccup it's quickly sorted so a big thank you to them.
I'm grateful to my regular followers who still seem to check in most days to see what I'm up to.
I'm pleased to say that my biggest pleasure is to visit your journals around the world and catch up on what you're doing.
I think that's what I like most about blip for example here I am in winter and yet I can be reading and looking at a photo of a follower in summer the other side of the pond.
Anyway enough from me have a nice day and thanks for visiting my journal it's appreciated.
Oh yes and big woof from Molly

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