NYE 2017!

The only green foods that seem to be passing my lips this week is the cucumber and mint in the PImms (resting on the picnic rug in the back garden).

I did actually get motivated and went to St Kilda to see the 9.30pm fireworks (for the kiddies).  Yes, they were a long way off in the distance (Melbourne CBD), but the main thing is I actually got my A into G and went!  

The extras are of some of the shots taken on my iPhone in fading light, so  quality not that great. I've noticed people have started to weave twine into wire fences to make words or pictures like that of the monkey (extra).  

I'm going to try to stay up to watch the midnight fireworks in Sydney on the tele.  I think an episode of "The Walking Dead" will see me through to midnight. 

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed New Year!  See you all on the other side of 2017. 


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