By Thisislife

New Year's day swim

Dora went for a dip in the river, and chased the swans, as usual. As usual, they led her a merry dance.

I'll be hosting Tiny Tuesday through January 2018,
And here are the themes
(which can mean whatever you want them to mean, 
and aren't compulsory )
Tuesday Jan 2nd.        The animal kingdom.     #tt136
Tuesday Jan 9th.         The plant kingdom.        #tt137
Tuesday Jan 16th.       The mineral kingdom.    #tt138
Tuesday Jan 23rd.       Bright.                               #tt139   
Tuesday Jan 30th.        Dark.                                 #tt140
Please join in.
I intend to post results on Thursdays  but please be gentle and patient with me while I have fun finding my feet.

Presently, there is nobody hosting February.  It's a short month. Any volunteers????

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