By GeorgesJourney

Too much excitement.....

..... for one day.

I wented to the Vet.  Yes I did.  There's nothing wrong with me, but I had to have an in...injec....  a needle stuck in me.  And do you know what?  The lady vet did say that I was the bestest mannered little black dog she did ever meet in her whole life.  She did stick a needle in me, and I didn't even flinch.  No I did not.  And not even a groan passed my lips.  And she did stick something up my nose, and I didn't complain about that either.  She did say that usually the vet nurses had to hold dogs down for that procedure.  But not me.

SHE did say those words "George I'm SO proud of you".  and when she says that my heart does swell, and it makes me feel really special.

AND.... I did say hello to as white poodle in the waiting room, and I wagged my tail and I was on my bestest behaviour.

And I even had a little play with Ernie today..... after SHE showed him what to do.  WE was playing tug-a-rope.  At least I was, and I wanted him to, and he did, but only a little bit.

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