Compare this image with my first shot of a marmoset. The first was done in auto-mode. 
This week's EPChallenge is being quite an eye-opener for me. It is the first time (and I am ashamed to admit it) that I focus on exposure and study it's finer nuances. Until now, my main focus has been finding a subject and framing it. Auto-mode did it most of the times, and when I wasn't satisfied with how my camera handled the task, I corrected it in Photoshop. During the last year I acquired more skills in Photoshop than as a photographer. 
Auto-mode is ok when you need to be quick, I guess, but it is much better to know your camera and be quick in changing your settings manually. 
I suspect that one reason why I settled for auto-mode for so long is that I view the world in a similar, built-in auto-mode. The images my brain produces are OK, but rarely awesome. My brain makes me believe that this is how the world looks like. And this is so wrong. 

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