This one is especially for Riversider and the many other blippers in Yorkshire.

This is one of the standing stones on top of Old Pale in Cheshire that both kwdiane and I have blipped on numerous occasions including here. There is one for each county that you can see from the top and it says that Yorkshire is 39.7 miles away.

This was difficult to take because of the angle. I couldn't focus properly or see through the viewfinder or screen so it was a case of point, shoot and hope for the best.

I had thought this would be good for Wide Angle Wednesday (Y for Yorkshire) but I've just noticed that these are now different themes and I couldn't get this to fit the theme of water. 

Talking of themes I notice that all my blips so far in 2018 are based around Yorkshire. The first was actually taken at Shipley Glen in Yorkshire, the second was Emmerdale, set in Yorkshire, followed by today's standing stone representing Yorkshire. This wasn't intentional but I wonder if I could manage another one tomorrow.

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