Bridge over the Dene (WidWed 030118)

Wide Wednesday, themed: Water.

After the stormy night I did wonder if I would get an open air blip today - but the wind had dropped considerably by mid afternoon so I went to Charlecote Park intending to photograph the weir where the two rivers, Avon & Dene, meet.  That part of the grounds was fenced off as it is very wet and boggy so as an alternative, this is the House, seen from the bridge over the Dene.   The Dene drains Burton Dassett, and possibly Edge Hill,  flows through Kineton, Walton and Wellesbourne before it joins the Avon (as in Stratford upon Avon) 

In the summer, the flat grassy area on the far side of the river, becomes a picnic ground. The area on the near side is the edge of the reserve part of the deer park. There are no fences, but small signs ask visitors to leave the area undisturbed so the deer have a quiet space for their young. 

The weir is where the river reaches it's vanishing point and as the Avon is a metre or so lower, it runs through the middle of the image but hidden from view.

Previous blip looking from the house towards the weir here

The blip is made up from six frames at 17mm in portrait orientation, stitched together in Lightroom.

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