By Bella888

Storm Eleanor

I wasn’t tempted to venture out. Had things to do (and laze around). So waited for some large waves to appear for today’s WildWed92.

We are at the top of a high cliff, so although this wave looks relatively small, it isn’t! The surfers will have been out in force if I had just picked myself up and walked down the slope for a decent blip.

There have been numerous trees down in the region (“Trees down, flood alerts issued, major road closed and ferries cancelled as Storm Eleanor hits Dorset
Roads across Dorset are closed this morning following a night of strong winds and rain.”). But the treble* (*is that what we had installed?) glazing insulates us well.

Time to prepare more of the Radicchio we bought at Wholefoods in London. Quick parboil, drizzle with rosemary and garlic infused oil, then a 2mn griddle.

Hope none of you were too affected by Eleanor which when I last looked was heading to Europe - so stay safe there too.

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