Paper perfection

This was the focus of the day, and we started off taking the bus to Victoria. I had £20 from my step-mother for Christmas and most of it is gone after a delightful hour or so in this lovely shop. I knew I needed to try out the book-binding bones in my hand, rather than buying them over the internet. Good decision!

What a lovely place it was to be in! And what attentive and helpful staff, who also left you to drool over the gorgeous papers and fabulous boxes, pretty things and worryingly expensive charms. Obviously not actually drool, that would ruin the perfect paper. Instead you do a sort of visual drool.

Anyhow, I now own a bone for folding, creasing, pressing and sweeping glued papers free of air bubbles. A mere £6 for a very handy tool. a longer one was only a pound more, but it was uncomfortable to hold nad I know it would be a pain to work with. Since they are natural bone, all the bones were slightly different, the one I chose was the first I held. Strange.

Some paper has come home with me too, but I need to think a bit and order from home. They were so very very helpful about trying to get marbling inks sorted. We had long and informed conversations, better than I have heard before. Such a relief. 

Walking happened, and a croissant and coffee happened too. And some tired feet, and a bottle of red found its way home with us as well. Grape juice for some. Lovely day.

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