By NicJB

First day back for kids to school today

It was the first day back at school for smalls and I today. We were super organised, clothes in their boxes ready, even PE kits were packed. I’d read emails and found where my Inset was. However, as bedtime approached the smallest small decided she was not going to school tomorrow, now this is not our first out of the blue reaction like this. So, my first question was why she felt this way... she said because she didn’t know who was teaching her, it was a Wednesday and on Wednesdays Mrs Hobley always taught her, unfortunately Mrs H had been on maternity leave for half a term already. After frantic phone calls, at 9 o’clock we were making worry dolls, which went near her bed as she was still a bit sticky. Thank you for reading that story to her at school Mrs H. She got up fine-ish and went to school without a worry today!

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