If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

White Hart Yard

A bit of a strange day.  Clickychick had a funeral to attend in Kendal, the mother of an old school friend.  Kanyl and I wandered the town while she was in the service.  I rarely visit Kendal, it isn't far but I find the arcane traffic control/one way system too much.  Not only that but a lot of parking down by the river seems to have been taken out of use since we were last there.  Wandering the town I met a friend and pushed the good points of Blipfoto and of course took a few shots.

The Blip is (I think) White Hart Yard suffice it to say it is the "yard" beside which the White Hart stands.  I haven't found a name on any map and didn't have the sense to look.

After the service we went to Beetham Nurseries for lunch, from there to Lakeland in Windermere (always worth a visit).  Then to round off the day we dropped into the Wainwright in Keswick.  The meal was up to its usual standard.  All in all a very good day.

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