Let's Stand Up To Another Kind Of Terror

Spent time with the crows today.Depleted in numbers since the reconstruction of every war ever (New Years Eve 2018) Fireworks are not pretty lights.They are exploding simulated machine guns which terrify every cat , dog , & bird plus all other wildlife . Last night I read how 5000 birds dropped dead in 2010 Beebe, Arkansas during just such 'celebrations' Since then these rubbishy explosives have gone worse.
The following is from the link :)
""The city can’t ban fireworks because, despite the fact some residents spend thousands of dollars on their celebrations, they’re already illegal in Connecticut.""  ??????
Have read this over and over and it makes no sense .Maybe they mean they have no wish to upset the wealthy.
There should be a total ban on the sale of such explosives. All in favour say aye . Added a link which shows that one place in Italy cares about animals and has made it illegal to use anything but silent fireworks :...Bravo
Terror on Birds In USA

Italy Has the Answer

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