By wellsforzoe

Management Meeting

2nd January 2018:

Back to work after the Christmas break, this is our first Management Meeting. 
Even though Rose is the mother of all matters, each of our team leaders is in charge or the boss of their own domain.
They have a short planning meeting once a week to coordinate activities often relating to the economical use of transport.
From Left:
Adamson is head of farming which includes fruit tree production, with 43,000 seedlings produced in 2107

Florence is head of the Girl Child Project, looking after 255 girls ewe support in Secondary school

Alfred is in charge of pump manufacture and installation. His target this year was for 500 but fell short by 35 as a result of impassible roads due to the very heavy rains at the end of December. Clean water for maybe 120,000 of the poorest is a huge achievement

Prominence is head of Horticulture at the factory garden. She is a qualified teacher and is a stalwart in our school while she also brings our message on Forestry to the villages

Miriam is head of preschools and preschool training which grow in number by the day. 

Sinse Rose looks after all financial matters she is the BOSS. Of course she is our chief computer person as well.

Harisen who took the pic lookes after business matters and our new irrifgation pump

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