My Year

By Dunworkin

Something has to go!

Starting at the bottom right there is a Canon Ixus 220 HS which was my pocket camera before smartphone cameras. Now only gets used to supplement my action camera.

Next, at the top left is a Panasonic TZ60 which I've been using as my everyday camera. But, I keep misframing myself when shooting video.

Hence, bottom left is a Panasonic TZ55 with tilting screen. I was fairly happy with this arrangement until a party in November, when the photos taken inside, at night, were not very successful, shall we say.

This led me to buy the Canon GX7 Mkii in the top right. Already very pleased with picture quality and low light performance.

So, at least one has to go. I think the TZ55 will be on eBay very shortly. Have I made the right decision?

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