By CoffeePotter

Exeter Cathedral - The Outside

I went by train into Exeter today. Very good train service - about 35 minutes from Axminster Station.  What I didn't realise is that there is also a bus service that meets up with the train arrival, so I could have come back from the station to our village by bus. As it was, C collected me.
I got several bits and pieces sorted, so thought I'd pop into the Cathedral to have a look, as everyone says how beautiful it is. Well to cut a long story short, the entry fee is £5 which I totally object to, being a place of worship. I wouldn't have minded making a donation, but I disagree with being forced to pay, so I left. In my experience, people will frequently donate far more than an entry fee if left to their own devices.
I can't help but compare this to temples of all sorts of religions in Asia, where they generally welcome visitors of any (or no) faith, with open arms.  
I'm getting to be a right old grump.  
I expect I've stirred up a hornet's nest now. 
In a happier note, I was delighted yesterday evening to achieve two "Highly Commended" awards for two images that I submitted at our local camera club. This was the first time I'd entered anything there, so I was really pleased. There were over 60 entries to the "open" category, and each person could enter two images. An external judge presided over the competition, so I can safely say that there was no favouritism to persuade us to join the club! 

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