More work. A battle for most of the morning with both my mobile phone provider (EE) and email hosting provider to try to get access to my EE account and download their invoices. EE assure me I don’t have an account in spite of them raising invoices and taking payments for the last 6 months.

It must be me...

The email people have been “filtering” my emails, it turns out, without me knowing it. Emails from high risk places like EE and Jury’s Hotels have not been reaching me because of their “filter”.

Really, it must be me.

After lunch I drove over to Burntisland to buy some fruit and veg. Shut... the shop, not Burntisland obviously. 

Things did improve after that... mostly because the baker was open and I bought two sticky buns. See, I know how to deal with these situations. Sticky buns fix most problems.

I hate to mention it because I’m privileged to have been away in the sun for 10 days, but the last time I saw the sun was on Monday morning in Casablanca. Indeed it has rained almost non stop for 4 days now. Good thing I’ve been busy.

On my way home from Burntisland I decided a touch of fresh air would be worth getting wet for, and stopped at Pettycur Bay for a few moments. Got my Blip...

The sun is scheduled to appear between 9 and 10am tomorrow. I’ll be watching.        

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