By schorschi

Carnival Time

The week before I had spent the weekend in Hampshire with Mike C and his parents. Mike was the owner of the large flat I was living in Six of us altogether, in five bedrooms.

We had driven down in a wonderful white Jaguar XJ12 willed to him by an aunt who had recently passed away. It was probably ten years old but only done a few thousand miles. Mike was a crazy driver with no respect for speed limits and cruising was not his style. In Hampshire we  arrived for lunch and then in the evening the theatre to watch Noel Coward's Private Lives. Not sure where, possibly Eastleigh if there is a theatre there,

Next day a days sailing on fathers yacht moored on the Hamble. Sailed over to the Isle of Wight and picnicked in Newtown Creek.

I don't recall the evening drive back to London, luckily but I survived to tell the story. I have to tell the above on this day as I don't have an appropriate photo.

The Blip is of a piano Mike found somewhere and decided to paint up and put on on the pavement directly in front of our ground floor flat and then observe  what happened. Indeed several people did lift the cover and have a go. It was Bank Holiday Monday, Notting Hill Carnival in full flow just up the road and a pretty hefty riot ensued. 100 police officers and 60 party goers ended up in hospital. I was at the event that day but probably had left by the time the alcohol level in the revellers had reached the aggression point.

What happened to the piano I can't recall. Stolen or Mike disposed of it in a less smart district.

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