While I was purging my wardrobe of old clothes for the charity pile the boys were busy repairing wing ribs in the aircraft workshop today. I was sneezing like a trooper most of the day so stayed away until the germs subsided.

I arrived at tea time with a flask of tea and leftover Christmas stollen and made myself useful passing tools and sweeping the floor.

The boys teased me with THEIR usual ribbing in the workshop - so I can presume they’ve missed me! Windsock made an appearance and gobbled up the cat food I gave him. He’s so adorable I want to take him home.

DB and I retreated to my cosy cottage for steak dinner, red wine and Paddington on DVD. My sneezing has now reduced considerably and I was considered ‘safe’ to be around. Maybe the lure of home cooking has something to do with it?

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