La vida de Annie

By Annie

Las decoraciones del árbol de Navidad.

Thunderstorms and a sky like an old nun's grey flannel drawers today, so zero chance of a nice walk. By way of an emergency blip here are some of the decorations I took off the tree by twelfth night, the "tree" being a 30cm high table version in a pot courtesy of Lidl. The four characters represent my kids, and I bought them many years ago when they were in fact still kids. They seem oddly representative of their characters too. I found them on my last visit in October, and brought them back rather than the lovely crystal and glass baubles I'd used for many years back there. These little plastic figures mean more, and in that way I could have my family with me over Christmas. The featured one is of course #2D, who celebrated her 28th birthday on New Year's Day. Miss you all, guys. XXXX.

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