Twelfth Night

I met up with some old college friends for brunch today in the small Staffordshire village of Brewood. We went to a place called The Mess Bistro. I've known these folks since 1985!! As we are all from around The Midlands it should be easy to meet up? But it's been a bit lapsed of late, so we're aiming for once a month from now on. I hope we can manage it.

This afternoon I continued with getting the Christmas decorations own , and putting them away for next year. It isn't half as much fun as putting them up. I always do the tree last, so felt it fitting to take a last shot before the end of Twelfth Night.

I went out to the Stoke Film theatre tonight to see Paddington 2. It was brilliant, charming and very funny. There wasn't a child in sight, but the theatre was full. It just goes to show that the child in you never leaves you.

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