Shadows and Speed

I watched a few youtubes today of hints and tips about my camera and there were many things I had no clue about.

I discovered a setting called 'express motion' which I used to create the above image. Taken from the 2nd floor window of the busy road in front of our building. The slow shutter speed turned the speeding car into a blur. The person across the road was waiting to cross so I don't think she moved and the shadows on the ground just added interest. I was quite taken with the result.

But, it was all done in camera and I didn't actually move the camera so I don't think it quite fits Marcus Hediger's Intentional Camera Movement challenge.

Later in the day we went back to the park with Toto and I caught an ICM shot of a pelican which I thought was hilarious and another one of the sunset so I've put them in as extra's and I'm thinking of them as my warm up shots for the challenge ;o)

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