By seizetheday

Winter flowering

A glorious, frosty winter's day, and wonderful to see some blue sky after several very gloomy, grey days.

Apart from a morning stroll on the Common with Louie and a trip to the tip, we've hardly set foot outside, despite intentions for a short local walk. Somehow, time and light - or lack thereof - got the better of us. But we have done quite a lot, mostly 'bitty' little things, but they needed doing all the same. MrM continues stripping wallpaper in the 'music' room; my next task is to remove the rest of the books from there before any more dust lands on them!

The Christmas rose is flowering in a container the courtyard. Another bargain buy from the supermarket near the office - paid the princely sum of £1.50, and this is its third winter in flower.

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