A sunny morning

When I go out birding I sometimes look back on my last few weeks' blips to see what I haven't blipped for a while and then decide where I am most likely to see these species and head off in that direction. 
This morning I decided that my target birds were to be bullfinch or nuthatch so we decided to go to Pennington Flash. Bullfinches were plentiful but the nuthatch only made one appearance and I was too slow for a good shot. I took a LOT of shots today, but liked this one the best. We were also treated to a small party of long tailed tits that played nicely with the other tits on the feeders and coconuts. 
Finally at the flash, there were loads of herons, gulls and cormorants and when some idiots started to break the ice nearby in the frozen pond it made an almighty crash that made the gulls all take off - there are a couple of shots in extras. 
Although it was only just above freezing today, it was wonderfully bright with little wind - just the sort of conditions I can cope with in the winter. 

Tomorrow I am off to Sweden for a few days, my first trip of the year, but apart from 10 minutes to pack, I haven't really thought about it much, as our forthcoming holiday is much more exciting!

Have a great week everyone. 

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