John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Reliquary Vase, 11th Century

This glass  vase is absolutely unique, fashioned in the eleventh century for an abbey in Saint Severin, France. It's the centerpiece of a wonderful  exhibition of medieval glass and its uses at the Cluny Museum in Paris (it ends tomorrow). The extra shows a display of mainly drinking glasses from the 14th century, including some early ones with stems. It was the first Sunday of the month, on which all the national and city museums  are free--an admirable practice which certainly brings  many people into museums--especially families--who might otherwise not attend them. 
The Cluny Museum is devoted to the medieval ages: it is marvelous. Last year we saw a superb show on the Merovingian period (don't miss the extra in that link).

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