Bleak Morning

Back to work.

I felt pretty unenthusiastic  about turning my back on my lovely family after the best part of two weeks together this morning.  I felt unenthusiastic about a looming deadline this afternoon, and knowing that because of it I would hardly manage to make a dent in my bulging inbox by the end of the day.

The dull frost made the grass at the bus stop look more like rough water, and the pink in the sky seemed only to emphasise the bleakness of the ground I inhabited.

Of course I got stuck into my work on the bus, and I'd perked right up by the time I got to the office.  I'm coming home now, deadline met, quick pass through the inbox done to catch the important stuff.

Soon I'll be home again with MrsCyclops and CyclopsJnr.  It's all worked out OK.

Hopefully I'm now back in the swing of things for tomorrow!

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