Plus ça change...

By SooB


Back to the early starts. CarbBoy managed it all - and was showered, breakfasted, bags packed and lunch made before I even shuffled downstairs.

Meaning, of course, that I could shuffle back upstairs with a cup of tea until it was time to tell TallGirl's school they wouldn't be seeing her today.

Then some packing assistance for Mr B who is taking his poorliness off to the icy wastes of New York. Once back from the airport run, back to bed for me.

A cheese-related translation for a friend and some research for CarbBoy's birthday, and dinner was leftovers. Not a high achievement day. I have self diagnosed my 'relapse' as bronchitis rather than pneumonia. So that's ok then. (My Doctor is on sick leave, so short of going to a&e I'm stuck with the internet for medical advice today.)

And a lazy shot out of the backdoor when CarbBoy arrived home and told me the sky looked funny.

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