Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Frost, paths and last sun

Another day of so many photos that I was spoiled for choice. I chose this one, of the one-time formal garden in Benmore Gardens, because it has elements of everything lovely about today: frosted grass that has remained frozen all day, last light on the hilltops, and, in the distance, the snowy tops to the west. I also rather like the angles created by the paths and stepping stones over the grass ...

As the local schools returned, so my life resumed more of a pattern, with my Pilates class resuming after a 3 week break. An hour of stretching and strength - if that's what the trembling muscles as I held a position were bringing about - left me worn out but feeling much less torpid. Later, we walked in the Gardens, climbing the hill and coming across three tiny and unafraid deer as well as a great fire where the gardeners were burning fallen branches in the forest. 

Now the change is beginning: the wind is blowing and the glass falling slightly as I head bedwards.

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