Welcome to TiPS

Time flies, when you have fun!
I really enjoy being part of this incredible community and I want to take this opportunity to thank all my blipmates, who still leave stars, hearts and comments in spite of my horrible lack of commenting. 
It really means a lot to me :-)
So it is my 1000th blip and I thought it is time to give the community something back. (more comments, for example :-P  )
I discussed it with my tiny people. When I mentioned, that I've seen more wonderful blips of tiny people, they became excited and persuaded me to start a new challenge for tiny peoples adventures.
So my Hanullis rolled out the red carpet for all kinds of tinies:
Railway figures, lego or playmobil adventurers,  robots,  Bachmen,  dwarfs, smurfs, stickbots, phantasie figures or tiny people in their natural environment.
I want to start the new challenge with a look back to 2017.
It would be wonderful, if you would go back to your tinies adventures you have blipped in 2017 and tag them TiPS2017
For blips from 1th January 2018 until next Sunday 14th January the tag is TiPS1. (Tiny People Sunday)
Than the tag will change every Sunday. You can tag all blips with tinies you make between Monday and next Sunday, even stories are welcome!!!
I will comment and reward your entries with hearts (probably on Wednesday).
The current tags you will find under -> Activities -> Challenges -> TiPS
I hope you will enjoy this challenge. My Hanullis and I are very curious about your entries. Have fun - that's all about it :-))

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