Vertical Puddles

By SkyRider


I still remember the first home computer I bought, over three decades ago now.  It wasn't dissimilar in size to the box on my desk at the moment, though the keyboard was integrated into the unit, mice were small, furry creatures and you'd have been forgiven for thinking the box was filled with concrete.

It was less powerful than my new home computer that arrived in the post this morning.  Admittedly this is a no-frills model, but it comes in at half the size of a credit card and costs a tenner - if I'd gone for the model without wireless it would have halved the price.

My early computer had lots of chunky areas on its circuit boards that were great fun for a nerdy teenager with a soldering iron; the notion of being able to tinker with the hardware has been something that has been lost over the intervening years.  Fortunately, the Pi Zero has twenty pairs of pins that are just crying out to be played with.  It looks as if there are some fun times ahead...

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