Life through the lens...

By ValC


Another very dreary day, but not as cold.
I stopped the car on my way home to capture these rays of sunlight. The only sun I saw today.
Lovely light and shadows over the Pennines.
I think I can just make out Castle Hill in the distance.
I thought a suitable blip for Wide Wednesday .
Many thanks to Steveng for hosting Wide Wednesday today.

A trip to Ikea. Not a place I visit often. I have been inspired by other Blippers to declutter my “office”.
I couldn’t find what I wanted, but as usual came home with several items I hadn’t realised I needed.
However only spent £10. so I didn’t overspend!

Our thoughts are with the people of California caught up in the mudslides.
Frightening videos on TV.
I hope any Blippers in the area are safe.

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