By Livingandloving

Challenging Jump!

The weekend flew by, and Monday found us with lots to do.  Sugar had an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon, and she was nervous about that.  She thought she was getting some uncomfortable bands attached to her 12 year molars, but she didn't, so all was well.  Her mouth was going to be sore, anyhow, so I decided to treat her to a Strawberry Sundae between her appointment and swim.  

I had been thinking a lot about the challenge of the week which involved looking at a color wheel and looking at opposite colors.  See my explanation below for the entire low down. 

Week 2 Composition: Color Harmony~ I really wasn't sure what I wanted to photography this wee, but I knew I wanted to push myself to have ORANGE (my least favorite color) and BLUE (my favorite color) in the shot. I went about my life, and happened to run across this orange building while my daughter and I were killing time between an orthodontist appointment and swimming practice. While I worked on setting my camera settings, my daughter started dancing, leaping and jumping like she does....and I saw exactly what I wanted to capture. She worked hard, and did some amazing jumps. She gave 110% and I was happy to crop it using the rule of thirds for composition to add interest, and make it easy on the eyes. It was fun to work on this together. 
CC also welcome.

5d Mark IV, 100mm, F4, 1/800, and ISO 640

This photo is NOT the one I chose for my final photo for the can see it in the extra photos.  Sugar liked that one best, and so did a friend, so I went with it, but I rather liked this one I chose to share it here.  

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