By Missycat


Today we took our final guided tour on the island of Lombok, where we visited the Nusa Tengarra Barat museum, the Lingsar temple complex, a market selling crafts and a pearl shop in Mataram.

I think that after today, we have concluded that we definitely prefer to take a private taxi tour, for considerably less $$ and much more input!  Never mind, we had a good day and saw plenty. 

I have decided to blip a collage of some of the fantastic flowers that are found on all the islands, including a shot of a swallowtail butterfly in its natural habitat: in the summer I visited the butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum, with Zeus09smum and took many photos.  My shot here is far from great (constant movement and almost out of reach) but I was thrilled to see these lovely creatures in their natural habitat.

Thanks for the suggestion to write my journal on Word and copy and paste when online to save my precious minutes.

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